Pune, India
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IPS Message


Edmund Burke 1729-97: Speech at Bristol, previous the Late Election (1780)

Both legislation and psychiatry deal with human behavior. Laws regulate behavior by enacting laws that set standards of unacceptable behavior, and adopting punitive measures when the standards are violated. While a few legislations, such as section 84, apply only to patients with mental disorders, others are applicable to persons with and without mental disorders. Many mental disorders result in socially inappropriate behavior. Psychiatrists have an important role in identifying and treating them. In the present times media has become important in many ways. It a very powerful medium of education and can bring changes in social values which are the main determinants of human behavior.

Thus the theme “Mental Health, Legislation and Media: Bridging the Gap” for ANCIPS 2014 is most befitting. The scientific program has been well laid out. Internationally acclaimed faculty will participate in the program. Dr V Watve, Dr Kishor Gujar and their team of dedicated doctors are taking great care to ensure that the program is academically rewarding and socially enriching.  The delegates will update their knowledge on many clinically relevant areas. I wish the programme a great success.

With best wishes,

Dr. Indira Sharma
President, IPS
Dr Asim Kumar Mallick
Hon. General Secretary, IPS
Organizing Committee Message

Welcome to the 66th Annual National Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society from 16th – 19th January 2014 at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati  Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune.

It's been 12 years since Pune played host to ANCIPS. Pune had proud privilege of hosting ANCIPS as many as 4 times viz. 1950, 1958 ,1979 & 2001.  Looking back, much has changed in the world of Psychiatry and in Pune city.  We realize that every year ANCIPS is getting bigger and better & Pune ANCIPS 2014 will see a record attendance.

The Theme of the conference will be “Mental Health, Media and Legislation: Bridging the Gap”. We will have experts discussing this topic during the theme sessions. This year has seen India troubled by violence against women. Effective legislation has so far eluded us. Also the media has played a dominant role in publicising such crimes in every corner of India.  The people have become wary of the sensationalism carried by the media under the garb of “Breaking News”

Psychiatry has evolved over several decades. Issues related to ignorance, stigma etc. related to mental illness appear to have declined. The Media has been an important ally to the Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals in this endeavour. Thus one can appreciate the role of media in promotion of Mental Health. In fact before, during and after ANCIPS 2014 the IPS Pune branch has planned major Public Awareness Programmes in Pune.
As delegate you will appreciate that Shree Shiv Chhatrapati  Sports Complex was chosen  as a venue considering it's spaciousness and serene atmosphere away from the crowded city. The main hall can accomodate 8000 people and there are 10 satellites halls for concurrent sessions. Exhibition stalls are adjacent and the complete venue is air conditioned.

Pune city has a population of 4 million. It is a unique blend of ancient heritage and modern structures which includes major malls, multiplex and branded shops. The weather in Pune in January is cool and you might like to bring along light woollen clothes. We are enclosing herewith details about travel  to nearby interesting destination like Shirdi, Mahabaleshwar etc.

The ANCIPS 2014 will give each delegate upto 6 credit hours/ points and we are working actively in this regard. This conference will feature theme sessions, guest lectures in plenary session (By National and International faculties), Symposia, Workshops etc. You will also have an opportunity to present free papers & posters, details of which are mentioned in this brochure. We invite you to attend this scientific programme keeping in mind that they have been planned for refreshing knowledge and enhancing clinical skills.

You and your family are cordially invited to attend all the entertainment programmes associated with this conference which may include interesting films/ drama, dance / orchestra etc.

Looking forward to meeting you at  ANCIPS 2014  Pune.

Dr Vidyadhar Watve
Organizing Chairman
Dr Kishor Gujar
Organizing Secretary